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Cohabitation Relationships

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The Florida Legislature has enacted laws addressing the supportive relationship between a former spouse and a new partner who are cohabitating but who are not married. If your former spouse is financially interdependent with another person, is "commingling" assets, and/or is in a relationship that is substantially similar to a marriage, you may have grounds for an action to modify or terminate your spousal support obligation.

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In 2006, the legislature passed revisions to Florida Statute Section 61.14, which governs modifications of support awards in divorce proceedings. Prior to that, alimony was typically only terminated upon the recipient's remarriage or either party's death. Alimony recipients took advantage of this loophole by living with their new partner without the benefit of marriage in order to prevent their alimony from terminating.

The court may determine there is a sufficient economic relationship between two individuals who are not married by engaging in certain conduct, including:

  • The sharing of real estate
  • Referring to each other in terms such as "my husband" or "my wife"
  • Jointly contributing to the purchase of property
  • The pooling of resources to pay household and other personal bills
  • The sharing of banking and other financial accounts
  • Entering into a financially beneficial but not romantic relationship
  • Receiving rental income from a long-term renter or family member

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