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Facing Abuse Accusations?

A Maitland Family Lawyer Can Defend Your Rights

If you are accused of abuse by a family member or former family member then there are a number of concerns which should be raised. Your chief concern should be whether you have been or will be served with a domestic violence injunction ordering you to vacate the premises and to have no contact with the alleged abused victim for a period of time.

If you receive such an order you should obey the order. Obviously, the other person felt a need for court-ordered protection and does not want you to be with them. There is nothing to be gained by flaunting the law other than the strong possibility that you will be arrested and kept in the county jail.

Defending Against Abuse Charges in Florida

Just because you should stay away and honor the order should not mean that you must accept the necessity for such an order. If you dispute the reasons for the order you may lawfully challenge the order in court.

The order itself contains a date, time and place for you to appear. This allows you the following choices:

  • If you do not appear it will most likely become an order which will last
  • If you do appear, you have the right to bring legal counsel. You also have the right to a full hearing to resolve the issues

    Because of the vast number of domestic violence cases in the court system it is very common for judges to schedule numerous cases within a short period of time. They do not realistically allow sufficient time for each person to fully explore the necessity for the injunction and whether it should have been granted in the first place. Therefore, it is helpful if you request an additional date and time to appear when the court can allow sufficient time to resolve the issues that are raised.

    Get Help from a Maitland Family Law Attorney

    In addition to the possibility of a domestic violence injunction there is also the possibility that you will be arrested. If you are arrested and taken to the county jail you should not resist. You should, however, attempt to obtain a bond which you can meet and contact an attorney who is experienced in both representation of family law issues and criminal law issues.

    Because the two areas inter-relate when abuse is alleged, it is very helpful to be able to have one attorney who can answer your questions as to domestic court and criminal court at the same time.

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