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Fathers’ Rights in Florida

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There are a number of complex matters such as child custody and child support issues that must be handled in divorce or paternity cases. These issues may compromise the rights of a father in court depending on the laws of the state.

In the state of Florida, once the biological father of a child has been determined through paternity testing, he obtains certain legal rights. Father's rights are fully protected under state law. In most cases, if you are declared the legal father of a child, you have the right to have your name added to the child's birth certificate.

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Father Recognized as a Natural Guardian

Father's rights in Florida also recognize you as a natural guardian of a child. This means you may be eligible to take legal action to obtain custody of your child. In cases of divorce, the husband is presumed to be the father of the children of the marriage. If you were never married to the child's mother, you have the same legal rights as a married father once your paternity is established and you are declared the legal father.

Important Rights of Fathers

Fathers have important rights in Florida.

If shared parenting is awarded, you and your child's mother will share in the responsibility of making all minor and major decisions affecting your child's welfare such as those involving:

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Religion
  • Illnesses
  • Vacations

Father's rights in Florida may include time sharing (visitation) or contact rights with the child. These contact rights include physical visits with the child as well as telephone and internet contact. Each case is determined on an individual basis and the court considers a number of factors, such as the father's relationship with the child, his experience in child rearing, his work schedule and much more, before deciding visitation rights.

When a Father Lives Out of State or Overseas

Many times fathers do not live near the child. The father may live out of state or overseas. There are many ways to maintain close and continuing contacts between the father and the child even when they live thousands of miles apart.

If you or someone you know is going through the process of a paternity case or divorce case, it is important to seek the early advice of a qualified Florida family lawyer.

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