Mothers’ Rights

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A paternity case in the state of Florida is a lawsuit to determine the natural and legal father of a minor child and to confer the rights and duties of a parent. The mother in a paternity action has the right to raise and litigate the minor child's rights on the child's behalf.

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Mother's Right to Paternity Action

Mothers have the right to bring a paternity action on behalf of her minor child against an alleged father to determine whether he is the biological and legal father of the minor child.

The mother is designated under the laws of the state of Florida as the natural custodian of the minor child. This means that the mother has the initial legal right to exercise sole parental responsibility over the minor child until a legal father has been determined by a court of law. Once a paternity action is filed and a legal father is determined by a court of law, the mother will most likely have to share the parental responsibility concerning the minor child with the father. If the mother does not wish to share these rights with the legal father then she should consider whether she should file a paternity action.

The mother has the right to request, on the minor child's behalf, any of the following:

  • That the father pay child support
  • That the father covers the minor child with medical and health insurance
  • The father pays a portion of the non-covered medical expenses of the minor child
  • That he pay a portion of the mother's medical expenses related to the birth of the minor child
  • That fathers pay a portion of the mother's attorney's fees and litigation expenses

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