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Contempt & Enforcement Powers of the Court

Maitland Family Lawyer Filing Motions for Contempt on Your Behalf

While courts make a variety of rulings that are legally binding with respect to divorce and family law, they often are disregarded. Fortunately, the courts have the right to enforce their legal rulings when one party fails to comply. If you have an ex-spouse that is refusing to follow court orders and make payments, our family law attorney at The Troum Law Firm, P.A. in Maitland can file a Motion for Contempt on your behalf and work to help you obtain the support you are entitled to.

Are you looking to collect one of the following from an ex-spouse who is not following a court order?

Enforcement Measures Taken by the Court

Simply put, contempt occurs when an individual refuses to obey an order, mandate, or decree that is entered in by a judge. Often in family law cases, contentious issues are decided upon, and one party may have no desire to comply with the court's final decision. When this occurs, a variety of civil and criminal actions can be taken against the individual to enforce compliance. For example, if you are not receiving the proper amount in child support payment, a judge may order monetary judgements, garnish wages, place liens on property, suspend licenses, and take other action that enforces compliance.

Let Us Help Ensure Full Compliance with Court Decisions

Our Maitland family lawyer is able to sit down with you, hear your side of the story, and take the necessary steps to ensure that your ex-spouse follows the court's decisions. Whether you are seeking fair child support, alimony payments, or equitable distribution of property, turn to us for the help you need. We work directly with you throughout the entire process as we protect your rights and best interests.

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