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Uncontested vs. Contested Divorces

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Within the state of Florida there are three types of divorce: simple dissolution of marriage, contested dissolution of marriage and uncontested dissolution of marriage.

The procedure for an uncontested dissolution of marriage normally takes less time and is less expensive due to the parties having already agreed to all of the issues. A contested dissolution of marriage is more formal. The dissolution paperwork should be drafted by a qualified divorce attorney and must be served upon the opposing spouse by a process server or the sheriff's office. The responding spouse then has a period of time to respond to the paperwork.

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What Is Involved in a Dissolution of Marriage?

Whether a dissolution of marriage is contested or uncontested depends on the parties themselves. If husband and wife can agree on each and every issue concerning their dissolution of marriage then they can proceed uncontested. If the parties cannot agree on each and every issue then they must proceed with a contested dissolution of marriage.

Various issues must be either litigated or negotiated between the parties in a divorce proceeding. Each case must be reviewed independently and handled on an individual basis.

Issues such as the following may arise in any divorce and must be resolved either by the court or the parties:

If the parties can agree on how each and every issue in their case is to be decided then they can proceed with an uncontested dissolution of marriage. If the husband and wife cannot agree on any particular issue or issues then the parties cannot proceed in an uncontested manner.

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It may be helpful to discuss whether your dissolution of marriage can be resolved in an uncontested manner with an experienced divorce attorney. In some circumstances what may seem like a hopeless situation may in actuality be an easily resolved situation with the proper guidance and advice of an attorney who is skilled in this area of the law.

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