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Longwood Modification of Final Orders Attorney

Florida judges will issue their orders with family law matters, which both parties are expected to follow. It may list terms such as who gets what assets, how child custody will work, and whether one spouse will receive alimony with a divorce decree. However, over time, a party’s circumstances could change. When there is a significant change in circumstances, it may require modification. Like a divorce agreement, filing to have a family law order modified is a very specialized practice area. You need a skilled Longwood modifications attorney to assist you.

At The Troum Law Firm, P.A., we have years of experience with family law matters, including modifications of final orders. We understand these types of proceedings’ nuances and how much is involved in getting a final order modified.

Main Areas That Longwood Post-Judgment Modifications Involve

Three main areas sometimes warrant a request for modification. These areas are:

  • Child support,
  • Spousal support, and
  • Child custody and visitation.

You can’t just file a petition to have a modification because you want to. Certain criteria must be met before a modification will be considered. The court usually looks for at least a 15% difference in the former spouse’s financial situation. That can be a positive or negative change.

Circumstances that Typically Warrant a Modification of Final Orders in Florida

Examples of substantial changes can be losing their job, starting a new career that makes significantly more, or receiving a huge promotion at work that includes a significant salary bump.

Sometimes, a spouse is injured in an accident or is seriously ill and is declared temporarily or permanently disabled by their medical providers. That would also warrant a potential modification.

Other possible situations that could lead to a request for modification:

  • Death of one party;
  • The custodial parent wants to move out of Florida with the child;
  • The custodial parent wants to move a significant distance away within Florida;
  • An important change in the child’s status;
  • Unavoidable increase in health insurance costs;
  • The party receiving alimony is now cohabiting or remarried;
  • Business failure; or
  • Other economic losses.

Any of these issues can quickly turn into a complicated legal matter. Even though you are divorced, emotions still run high. You shouldn’t waste your time fighting with your ex, let our skilled legal team help.

How a Longwood Post-Divorce Modification Works

There are two main ways to modify a divorce decree in Florida. The first is the easiest—you and your ex reach an agreement on your own before filing a request. That is the preferred method, as everyone should agree on the new terms. If you cannot reach an agreement on your own, your attorney will need to file a modification petition. That is a similar process to a lawsuit.

The court will have to hear the case when you cannot agree. It takes time to build a case, undergo mediation, engage in negotiations, and then schedule a court hearing. When you let the court decide, it could take a much longer time before you receive a decision on your petition for modification.

Contact a Longwood Modification of Final Orders Attorney

If you need assistance with filing for a modification of a final order in Florida, contact The Troum Law Firm, P.A. today to schedule an initial consultation.

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